Division of people into different groups during the transmission of soul to the purgatory

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According to the koranic verses, during the transmission of soul before Resurrection, people will be divided into three different groups:


Thus if he is one of those who are drawn close (56/88)

[He will have] contentment, fragrance, and a grader of bliss (56/89)

While if he is one of the companions on the Right: (56/90)  

“Peace be upon you” [will be the greeting] from the companions on the Right (56/91)

However if he are of the mistaken rejectors (56/92)

A welcome of scalding water (56/93)

Plus a roasting in Hades [will await him] (56/94)

This is the absolute Truth (56/95)

So celebrate your Lords almighty   (56/96)


O Tranquil soul! (89/27)

Return to you Lord well pleased and pleasing [him] (89/28)

Enter among My servants (89/29)

And enter My garden (89/30)

It is inferred from these verses that life will definitely exist in the Purgatory.


"Resurrection" (By Morteza Motahari)


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